Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Title IX

When Ms. Kobus gave her talk, she showed us a documentary that was about domestic and sexual abuse on college campuses and how the college campuses try to downgrade it like it didn’t happen and some college campuses don’t even report it. This is causing men and women who were sexual harased to not come forward and talk about it because they know nothing will get done and everyone will just think they lied about it. Title IX was created after this became a big problem on college campus, mostly due to harassment toward women. In the documentary, there were shocking statistics about a whole bunch of IVY league and good schools that have had reported sexual abuse. This has been on the rise and has included some big schools but unfortunately, they haven't changed much.
I think this is a big problem that needs more attention as well as a change because the actions that are being done now aren't changing anything. If anything this problem has grown on many different campuses and in many different ways and people think this is okay or has no effect on anyone but from the videos of the females sharing their experiences, they were affected very much but there have been things in their way preventing them from coming forward or sharing their experiences with others.

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