Thursday, May 11, 2017


    After watching the play Trifles last year, it was hard not to laugh at myself after watching it again.  I was humored by how few of the ideas and topics in the play I picked up on.  Having been written in the early 1916, it was interesting to see how the problems at hand have continued to this day.  Many of the themes that we have discussed throughout the class were present in the play.  I kept referring to Ms. O'Connell's presentation "the cult of domesticity," and how women were not involved in any business not regarding the house.  Mrs. Peters and Ms. Hale were mocked by the men and not involved in any of the discussions.  The play is a testament to many of the problems that women have faced and continue to face. I also found it difficult to cope with the fact that Mrs. Peters and Ms. Hale held back evidence in an effort to protect another women.

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