Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The End of Men

I related to and agreed with Mr. Ogden's talk about the end of men because that's how my family works. Mr. Ogden shared with us that when he was a kid, his father “wore the pants” of the relationship between his mom and dad and i thought to myself that, that's exactly how it is for my mother’s parents. My grandmother was the one to take care of the kids and make the food and clean the house and do the laundry while my mother would always tell me that my grandfather was always working or never really in the picture. Somehow there was a huge shift and a lot changed for some families during the next generation. In my family, my mother is the one who “wears the pants” and Mr. Ogden shared that that's how his family works as well. Both what Mr. Ogden said and just from my family, after reading  “The End of Men”, my first thought was that this is just like the way my family works. The whole “Who wears the pants in the relationship” thing is huge today because for most families it depends and for some others there is no one parents who has the say or as we talked about “has the pants”. Because Mr. Ogden truly believes that the author of "The End of Men" is right, he shared with us that his wife, Mrs. Ogden makes more money, she raises the kids (mostly), and she takes care of all of the money because she has a better background in it while Mr. Ogden cooks, does laundry, and cleans up, sorta like more of a housewife. I thought it was interesting to hear from other students in my class about how their family works because some are so different from mine and it makes me wonder how that changes the whole family dynamic and history. But there are still always older generations like Mr. Ogden’s father who expects for the men to sit at the end of the table, worried about the head of the household.

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