Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Who Runs the World?

I thought the article was hilarious, well at least the first part. I personally don't believe in any type of genetic modifying or selecting for a desired trait in an offspring. So that made me uneasy while I was reading about the cowboy who separated sperm by the gender they would produce. Being able to select the gender of offspring is a power I would not want to have. It seems unnatural, but that's beside the point. It was only fitting, in my eyes, that his plan completely backfired. Instead of selecting for boys, his clinics were isolating and operating to create 3x the amount the girls. A shift away from the era of "the first born son." Women will soon take over the world. Or so the article says. Another humorous part was the support for the lower class males. I thought the image of the leader telling the men that they were the bitch in the family because they couldn't bring home any money to support the family and that was the male's assumed role.
On a more serious note, the article points to some major places where women are kicking male butts. The statistic about college graduates shocked me. For every two males graduating there are three women. Hearing this I couldn't help but think of my own family. My mother was valedictorian of her class at Newburyport, but her mother didn't want her to go to college. Instead she should find a husband, (classic greek women rhetoric). Funny side note, my grandmother was asked by Mr. DeMoulas if my mom wanted to date his son, I was almost a market basket baby. But seriously, my grandmother didn't want her mathematician daughter to go to college. My grandfather had to step in and tell her that he wanted his girls to be educated because he saw the need for it in the future; he was a real progressive for his time. Now more women are attending and passing college than men. Also, top companies run by women are succeeding; a feat unimaginable twenty years ago.
I hope that as women progress even further than they are now, there is little to no backlash from males who feel threatened by qualified, educated, and motivated women. Maybe one days girls really will run the world.

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