Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Many people do not understand the definition of being a feminist. It usually has a negative connotation from all the extremists preaching man hating. Feminism is the political, social, and economical equality of the sexes.
The discussion we had with Mr. Ogden was interesting. Women have taken huge steps from the past. Women are dominating in the middle and lower class work place. It's kind of ironic that are in the upper class are the women who are less powerful. You would think it's opposite, but the few women who do run huge companies have done well. That just proves that women are capable of becoming successful on their own and further proves why we should all have equal rights. It's becoming more common for the mom and dad to both be working in families. When I was little most of my friends had stay at home mothers just like my family. Women definitely have more rights than ever before, but I believe we are still not equal. The article we read talked about how people were choosing girl babies over boys, that doesn't mean that sexism on a daily basis. Women face sexist comments everyday based on just the fact that they are a woman.
This begs the question do we live in a ***flawless world or is feminism still relevant? I think it it is. Women get paid less then men, which needs to be changed so everyone can be equal. A common misconception of feminism people believe is that women are trying to surpass men, I don't believe that is the case. Feminism is equality not one sex being better than the other. Feminism is still very relevant to today's everyday life. I want to be able to go to work and get paid the same amount of money as the men I work with. I should be equal to the men in my life in all aspects of life.

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