Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Title IX

I have never really studied title nine or the importance of title nine until this year. I have been blessed, or sheltered, to live in a town where boy and girls sports are equally funded and participated in. There were years when the girls basketball team was better than the boys team, and that was ok. I had never heard of an incident where a female team was being denied rights. Now I hear about them all the time: teams suing universities for infractions committed years before, or students suing schools about an unfair honor code. And some of it does not make any sense to me. If a school has a code that clearly violates title nine, why not petition the school or call attention to it before taking it to court? I understand that the violations are unacceptable but sometimes I think the situation is blown out of proportion when it is brought to court. In the video, the rowing team was able to make a major change in the culture of the school by simply bringing the issue to the attention. I do not think the school would have acted as promptly or as effectively if the girls team simply sued the school. 

What always shocks me when I hear it is that 1 out of every 4 women on all college campus will be sexual assaulted. The Hunting Ground article was an interesting read. The content was hard to read and the anecdotes proved the thesis, but it seemed like the data was skewed or specific to only prove the point. The articles read in class were shocking as well. I can't believe that a man accused of raping a woman can attempt to use title nine to protect himself against the case. Or BYUs honor code that punishes women who are found to have violated rules when they are sexually assaulted. Schools don't seem to be taking the threat of sexual assault on their campuses scares me. Clearly they have seen that this is a problem but they are barely making any progress towards fixing it. This will continue to be a problem and I don't want to be a part of it as I move into college.

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