Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Title IX

    "Rape culture" throughout colleges is a problem that has been dealt with wrongly for too long.  I have always known that this "problem" has become normalized throughout college campus's, but I did not know, and was appalled to learn how college administrations had suppressed the extent of the problem.  It was jaw-dropping to learn how few expulsions had occurred as a result of sexual assault.  As a woman, I could not imagine seeing my assailant in class - title IX was used to combat this problem.
     There are many reasons as to why this problem has been difficult to solve, but one of the main reasons is money.  This has remained a problem because university administrations have continued to suppress knowledge and falsify the statistics.  As confusing as it was for me to first grasp - it all comes back to money.  Administrations underreport, suppress knowledge, and fail to deal with the problem because of the backfire of dealing with the problem.  By acknowledging that they know sexual assault is a problem they are risking their reputation and money as a result.
      In "The Hunting Ground," "What were your wearing?" "Did you say no?" "How many times did you say no?" were all asked to the sexual assault victims.  I was not surprised to hear that women were questioned about what they were wearing, as that had continued to become a theme throughout this class.  I have often heard people say "they were asking for it" or it was what they were wearing. Although women may dress to try to attract or impress men, it is not an excuse to be used as a result of a mans actions.  Sexual assault continues to a problem across college campus's, and as I continue onto college next fall I hope administrations can work to address the problem.

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