Thursday, April 20, 2017

Title IX

I really enjoyed Ms. Kobus's talk on Title IX because being a female high school senior I am able to see what incidents go on in colleges regarding Title IX.  All my life I have been an athlete and have never really heard much about Title IX until recently.  I have always heard people say things like "you throw like a girl" and stuff like that but it never really bother me, because I am a girl.  However, watching the video that we watched in class took a different toll on me than I thought.
As a senior in high school entering college next year, hearing about all these things that go on involving cases of rape and sexual assault, it worried me.  For girls specifically, I believe that we tend to think the best of everyone right off the bat.  If a guy approaches you and asked to walk you home, we would not think oh he is going to rape me.  However, after watching this video, I was shocked to hear about what was really going on, and, how frequently it was going on.
It is important for women to speak out about what is happening to them, especially on college campus's which is supposed to be a safe place for them.  Watching that video, I was shocked about how little was done by the professors and peers that preach that people are there to help them and to reach out to, but then they are denied their right to tell people about it just because it might make the school look bad on television or in the media.  Mostly, I was shocked that women who were told about the crimes going on were completely ignoring it and saying that it "didn't happen" and that "they are lying".  That struck me as the biggest problem in these colleges that needed to be fixed.  I do not feel as though it is safe for girls to be walking around their college campus's not feeling safe.
As discussed in class last Monday night, the last paragraph of the reading we did, it says "Our colleges, like the rest of our society, must be places where you are innocent until proven guilty" which I do not believe is a correct representation of how these cases need to be taken care of.  That is almost saying that it is okay for men to sexually assault and rape young women because no matter what, they are always innocent until they are proven guilty.

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