Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I found Mr. Wann and Bonnie Jean's production to be very entertaining and interesting. At first, I was unsure as to how it was going to be a "feminist" play, but as time went on, I figured that out. The men were the ones who were supposed to be finding evidence to solve this murder, while the women were supposed to gather clothes and whatnot for the suspect. But while looking through the suspect's stuff, the women found they were the ones discovering the worthwhile evidence. The play showed that despite the role women were supposed to play in the early 1900's, they were still very much capable of that of men. The men expected the women to be of no help, and essentially ridiculed the women as they admired the suspect's quilt. By the end of the play, the women were the ones who controlled this case, and decided to exercise this power by hiding the evidence from the men in an attempt to save the suspect.

Throughout the play, the men seem more determined to put this woman in jail, while the women were more sympathetic to the situation and didn't necessarily want this woman locked up. Even though they had the evidence that could potentially get the suspect prosecuted, they chose to hide it because they felt bad for her. I thought that despite reading from a script, the actors did a very good job in portraying their character's emotions. There were some pauses scattered throughout, but the actors were able to get into character and still manage to make the play as enjoyable as it was.

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