Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I really enjoyed the play. It ended a little abruptly, but I still liked it. It was definitely a "queer" play for it's time. The actors did a good job portraying the scenes. It was ironic that the men were looking around the house for evidence when the women had it right in front of them.
I was expecting the play to follow the men as they searched the house but, it took a turned and focused on the women. It was interesting to me that throughout the tough things the women described about their lives, they still managed to be positive. They never complained about their lives. These women had been through so much and they didn't complain about it because it was just their life. When they hid the bird from the men, it showed that they were more empathetic to Mrs. Wright's case. They stuck together and protected Mrs. Wright. They understood the struggle Mrs. Wright was going through. The men were so determined to prosecute Mrs. Wright and didn't even stop to think that the women could help them. This play proved them wrong and showed how capable women can be during this time. The play was different for it's time because it let the women have the lead. It really showed the "trifles" of women during that time period.
Overall I really enjoyed the play, the actors did a wonderful job. It really highlighted the trifles women went through.

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