Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Women's Suffrage

I really enjoyed OC presentation. The only thing I knew before this presentation about women's suffrage was that Wyoming was the first state that let women vote; so it was a new topic for me to learn. Much of the presentation and history of the suffragettes didn't surprise me. I pretty much understood that they were early feminists. What really surprised me was the fact that most of influential suffragettes were racist. I thought they would be empathetic towards the black people since they were in the same situation of wanting the right to vote. It really surprised me that they didn't fight for them as well.
Using the cook book to promote women's rights was also a surprise to me. I thought it was weird that they used a very "feminine" thing to try to argue for rights. I felt like it just reinforced the stereotype that they wanted to get rid of. By far my favourite part of the presentation were the comics OC showed us. They were so ridiculous it made me laugh.
As a new found feminist myself I really learned a lot about early feminism from OC 's presentation. It made me think about what it means to be a feminist today. Most of the people I look up to or celebrities I admire are feminists. Taking a look back at where it all started and comparing it to now feminism has come a long way.
Like Shawn and Cole both said in their blog posts I also don't agree with the "waves" theory. I think feminism has progressed over time but it isn't split up specifically in different time periods. It just kept going. As for the"fourth wave" I can see a difference between the third and fourth, I think the fourth incorporates all ideas of individualism and group actions for feminism. In other words feminism just keeps evolving over time. I feel like feminism is being talked about more and more now because of social media and will continue to grow and hopefully result in full equality for women.

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