Thursday, May 10, 2018

Artificial Intelligence

Ms. Kass conducted a very informative and interesting lecture on Monday. The topic of artificial intelligence bias is one that I really have no knowledge of prior to this lecture. I really didn't know much about artificial intelligence in general. It was amazing to me that with the level of technology in our society, that bias in AI is such an issue. Joy Bualomwini and her TED talk was extremely informative also. It was very shocking to me that camera's in AI couldn't even detect darker skinned faces. At one point Joy put on a white mask and then her face was able to be read. I could not believe that with our massive improvement in technology over the the last couple of generations that African American's faces weren't even able to be recognized. One other surprising topic in the lecture was who google will implement different websites and advertisements on your computer depending on your gender. I think that technology was been way too focused on developing itself, that it has forgotten to check for bias. I think that before AI and other technology continue to make advancements, they need to take a step back and fix their biases.

In general I really don't like the whole concept of AI. I think that AI is never going to be able to be a dependable and reliable tool in our society. As society tries to give technology and AI more power in society it continues to show us negative signs. The self-driving cars have shown to be un-reliable and have caused harm to humans. I think that humans are becoming lazy and are trying to do too much on the technological front. People need to focus on developing technology on important front that are important for us today. For example global warming, and poverty. This lecture was very interesting, especially because of how little I knew prior to it.

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