Tuesday, May 9, 2017

       Mr. Wann’s presentation of the short play “Trifles” was intriguing with its commentary of the role and insignificance of women in the eyes of men in the early 1900’s. Two women solved the case the men were unable to solve, in a brief period, but the men were befuddled and gave the women no opportunity to help them besides doing the roles they were assigned by society. This was dangerous for society as it disregarded 50% of the population and let the ignorant men make decisions for society when they had flaws in their judgment that women didn't and could help make the best synthesis. The roles of the characters in the play are still in play today.

     In society today, government is made up of a disproportionate number of males to females. This causes for ideas that men decide are good to pass that do not include what is right because there is a lack of women in office. As Former Secretary of State Rice said in Miss Representation, Title IX almost got repealed by men and it barely had any women to counteract the repeal. That is dangerous because there are protections and laws that are in place for everybody not just women that could be repealed by ignorant men because there are no other perspectives besides White Men.

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