Tuesday, May 9, 2017


When I found out Mr. Wann was going to put on a play for us, I got really excited because he is my pubic speaking teacher and such an amazing actor so I knew this was going to be interesting. From watching the play Trifles, it was a little hard to understand it in the beginning because it starts with a few people walking in a house and talking about a man that died and his wife was found sitting in a rocking chair quilting.  But after a little while I figured it out and these men where trying to figure out the mystery behind the death of this man. While the men were looking at where the men had died, two ladies were in the kitchen trying to figure out the same thing, but more importantly, why the wife was just sitting downstairs quilting. You would think that these women were worried about the man murdered but they were actually more worried about the jared fruit for the wives' trifle. As the women looked around more and more they found a cage without a bird in it. They also found her quilting and discovered that its not done properly, leading them to think that something else was on her mind. The women kept this evidence and hid it from the men and later it turned out that the wife did in fact kill her husband. The two women were portrayed the way all women were shown in that time period, useless and oblivious. This play by Susan Glaspell was written to show the difference between men and women of that time and while the men were looking around thinking they were being useful and getting to the truth, they actually did the opposite while the women were the ones finding the evidence. In the end the women had the upper hand with the power of turning her in and from what we saw, they didn't. While the men made fun of the women working in the kitchen like it was a small task that should always be done in the correct way, they seemed to over see all the details that didn't fit the patterns. This was a big seperation between the men and women of that time that started the women's suffrage movement.

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