Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The "end" of men

    I found Mr. Ogden's presentation to come at a great time.  Prior to Ms. Kingsbury's talk, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth about many of the topics at hand.  Ms. Kobus's presentation was one that was quite disturbing and saddening, and Mr. Ogden's presentation hopefully changed that atmosphere of the class.   As a man who considers himself a second wave feminist, I found it very easy to buy into Hannah Rosin's message.  Throughout much of women's studies, we have heard of the struggles that women have faced and continued to face, but I honestly believe that today in the business world that it is not a better time today.  Having a sister is currently a freshman I hope and want her to have the best opportunity as she continues on through high school and into her professional career.  Today I honestly believe that today is the best time for women in the business world.   My father interviews and talks with many women that are in and are trying to enter the business world, and has always said it is the best time for women in the business world.  I have only heard about how smart, intuitive, and energetic women are in the work place.
     After hearing my father talk about women in the workplace, and talk so positively I find it hard to disagree with Hannah Rosin's message.  While 'micro-agressions' may still be prevalent, and may hurt feelings, I believe that the work place is continuing to become better for women in the workplace, and I honestly find it hard to side with third and fourth wave feminists.
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             Harrison Gray

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