Thursday, April 27, 2017

Womens Achievements

I really enjoyed the “50/50” film that Mrs. Kingsbury gave us to watch for homework. It is very important for women to know that they have a role in society that will allow them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, even though sometimes that probably does not always feel like the case. The video emphasized this by focusing on a lot of accomplishments and contributions women have made throughout history and how much they overcame to get there. They mentioned how younger generations need to be more aware of these women's’ triumphs and use it as momentum to make more positive changes in society.  Mrs. Kingsbury discussed women like Peggy Whitson, Kathrine Switzer, Kathrine Johnson, and a few more who have made a huge impact, and listening to their incredible stories truly does make me hopeful that one day society for women will be different, and that a “50/50” gender balance is in reach.
I researched Letitia Geer and was amazed by her accomplishments. She invented the medical syringe which made huge advancements in the medical field. She did not let being a woman in a predominantly male field stop her from exploring her passions and inventing something that has helped out so many people. The other women that Mrs. Kingsbury talked about in her presentation were equally impressive. Listening to their stories was very empowering, and I wish I had heard of these women much sooner. I also wish I had seen the 50/50 video sooner as well, specifically, prior to the US election. Hillary Clinton winning the election would have been a huge step forward for women, and as Kings said and I agree, was a huge missed opportunity for this. As empowered as I was listening to the accomplishments of women in history, it is very demoralizing that as qualified as Hillary Clinton was to be president, being a women really did hold her back. It is hard to focus on the positives, when there are still a lot of negatives like this.
An idea I thought was very pertinent to this discussion that shows the work that still needs to be done with the status of women is recently, the UN elected Saudi Arabia to the Women's Rights Commission that is meant to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women. It is pretty mind blowing that this happened because in Saudi Arabia women do not have equal rights at all. It is hard to believe that women from Saudi Arabia will have a say in the decisions that Saudi Arabia makes while in the commission because of the unfair treatment of women that goes on there. It does not make sense and does not seem fair, however there is no use hanging your head over it. And that is the same for Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election. I truly think that if women unite together and focus on the positives and what women have accomplished, change can be made for the better.

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