Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Women's Achievements

In Ms. Kingsbury’s talk and presentation of the video there was a lot of discussion about women being powerful. The 50/50 video talked about women that are leaders of countries with there only being 18 in 116 countries with elected head of states, but there are an equal number of male and females in the World. Also, only 5% of Nobel winners are women as opposed to the 50% of women in the World. These women included an astronaut who has been in space longer than any man in history, the first women to run the Boston Marathon, and the incredible story of three women in NASA responsible for making sure the U.S. got a rocket into orbit to compete with the Russians during a pivotal part of the Cold War. These are three examples of Women doing great feats that advanced society as a whole, even while being harassed thoroughly for being the minority and the disadvantaged. The women who lead nations must feel pressure like the women who accomplished those feats. That makes it incredibly intimidating to want to become a leader, because the scrutiny they will face is insurmountable.
This leads me to thinking about our last election where Hillary Clinton was described using adjectives that are usually gendered terms and terms to describe her physical nature as opposed to her qualifications and capabilities. So how are women supposed to become the leaders of the world when they have a whole society judging them by a different standard? It may be impossible, so the task of getting the minimal percent of women that are actually leading countries into the 50% range is uber difficult. It is far from simple, change will not happen overnight, and it is reliant on a whole world changing. The middle east has sharia law which will make it nearly impossible for a women to be the leader, not just do some while enduring scrutiny. The world will need to be willing to change with the evident need.

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