Thursday, April 27, 2017

Women's Achievement

When Mrs. Kingsbury emailed us individually to do some research on different women, i was a little confused because i couldn't imagine what her talk was going to be about. Once we got to class, she started with a slideshow that had a list of women's names and began to tell us that all of these women are inventors and creators of real things we use everyday like the first computer programer, first female engineer, first woman astronaut and more. She then started to show us more women who are a little more recent in history that have done incredible stuff like  Hidden Figures 1961, the space race (Kathrine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson), Peggy Wilson from NASA, Kathrine Switzer, first woman Boston marathon runner, Geena Davis, actress, trying to beat double standard (in the movie Beetlejuice) “if she can see it, she can be it”, and USA Women’s hockey. All of these women were not only really important women who did incredible things, they also were the reasons that there became changes in society between men and females. This still is a big problem that women everywhere but mostly in America face everyday because there is no equality. When different leaders take action like “Black lives matter” and the Women’s march and equal pay act, everyone who's not apart of it seems to think that it is something against them or their beliefs. This is not what these movements are about. These movements are made to make a change and make things equal for both genders and all races. Another thing Kings showed us was the film called “50/50” which was really meant to mentor young women about what we can do. It really opens up the eyes to all men and women who watch it because it has some very shocking statistics including the fact that there are only about 50 women leaders ever, which is nothing compared to all of the men.  Some other things that the film was meant for talks about how long change takes (start with seneca falls) and the fact that social media these days, brings impressive responsibility. Women have been reaching out and trying so hard for all of these years, even dating back to the beginning of the 1900’s. This is still a everyday struggle and to be frank in some ways these problems are becoming bigger and bigger because more issues are being brought up that haven't been easy to change. I don't agree with the difference in ways that men and women are being treated and i wish there was a way i could help but unfortunately there is not much anyone can do.

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