Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Title IX & Campus Assault

     "What were you wearing? Did you even say no? How many times did you say no? Why didn't you fight back? Did you lead him on in any way? Well, maybe you shouldn't have been dancing so proactively." Unfortunately and disgustingly, this is all said to most victims who have had the courage to report sexual assault. While watching "The Hunting Grounds," I was shocked to see how many reported sexual assault cases did not end up in expulsion. To be completely honest, after watching the video I became a little worrisome since I will be attending college next fall, and I am actually visiting one of the colleges stated this week. Most people will say that you just have to be careful and not drink excessively. But I still believe that you can do all the right things and still experience assault. What happens when you are relatively sober and the minute you turn your head someone slips something into your drink? You can still not be at a party and experience sexual assault. This is a real problem. The article stated that "Non-student females are victims of violence 1.7 times greater than are college females."
     I still can't seem to explain why American society is quick stigmatize the victim and rush to defend the accused. After hearing the low percentages of sexual assaults cases that actually go to trial, I remained determined that we still have a long way to do. One after the other, the video we saw in class perfectly depicted what is happening on colleges campuses with the Greek life and excessive drinking. I do believe that drinking has heightened the problem. I find that there can be some gray area. I am not the first the defend alcohol as a excuse for anyone's actions; however, drinking as a social event has created stomping grounds and easy access for perpetrators. I do believe that everyone has the right to due process, even those accused. I find it hard to draw an exact line between their rights and the rights and sanity of the victim. I 100% believe in expulsion, but I believe that the accused should be able to defend themselves. In regards to Title IX, I can totally see the argument made for it in sexual assault. This provision enables an equal environment for both males and females in order to advance their academic careers. What happens when a woman's perpetrator is sitting in the same class as her? No doubt, she will be feel extreme emotional distress and it can and will affect her academics. If women feel unsafe in their learning environment then they are not receiving an equal education. For that reason, I believe IX easily apples.
     I am honestly disgusted by the notion that a woman is raped based upon the clothing she is wearing. This feeds into the notion that as women we have to control the thoughts and even actions of men because you know "boys will be boys." I could not possibly disagree more with the ending of the article where it says that "the day after graduation, young men and women will be thrown into a world where there is no Gender-Based Misconduct Office. They will have to live by the rules of society at large. Higher education should ready our students for this reality, not shield them from it." This is bullshit. It is the same thing as people saying that there should be no talk of equality between whites and black in the class room because we must prepare African Americans to a work force of racism and prejudice. If anything, higher education is the time where we make a difference and actually do something to help the situation. The article's closing remarks only allow for there to be gender discrimination in the work force and is propelling the idea that males in power can take advantage of women in the office because this is just how life simply works.

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