Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Roe vs. Wade

I found Mr. Dogget's lecture both insightful and well thought out.  Roe vs. Wade tackled one of the most influential and till this day, one of the most controversial decisions in the 20th and 21st centuries.  Their are two extremely polarizing views to abortion.  Save the fetus at any cost, pro-life or have the choice to kill the fetus, pro - choice.  These views are often affiliated with what political party you identify as. Republicans tend to be pro-life and Democrats tend to be pro-choice. This only amplifies the divide in the case.  Which contributes why there is so much tension with the soon to be approved supreme court justice, Neil Grouch.  Grouch's approval would make him the 9th justice of the supreme court and the fifth who brings conservative views to the bench.  This gives them the ability to reverse the decision in Roe vs. Wade.  This potential decision will give states the power to make abortions illegal, and we can sure expect most southern states that are majority Republicans to make abortions illegal.  This will redivide the somewhat uniting (I say this softly) United States.

When I am approached with the question of pro-choice or pro-life am I often conflicted.  If you ask me after biology I'd tell you that the fetus is mostly just tissues and veins, it is nothing close to a resemblance of a baby.  If you happen to run into me after a church this upcoming easter, I would tell you that a fetus is a baby, important to point out I am Catholic.  I do strongly believe if rape or incest is in the conversion, I am pro-choice.  Does that exception make me pro-choice?  It is tough to say.  I do not have a very strong take like many other people do, it does not bother me when somebody else is 100% pro-choice, both sides of the argument are compelling.  I do have to say, I am not for overturning Roe vs. Wade.  A descision affecting so many americans should be made by lawmakers, not 9 justices approved by presidents.

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