Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Before tuesday, i had never really thought much about Beyonce, just that she was some amazing singer who has a lot of great songs. When we were told to watch Lemonade, as i was watching it i noticed that i had seen some clips from it before on facebook that were shared by some of my friends who were black with long messages explaining about how amazing she is and what that video meant to them. I had never really understood why it meant so much to them, maybe the songs were just that good? When Mrs. Nardone came to our class on monday night, she was raving on and on about how much she loves Beyonce and how inspirational she was and i agreed that she is pretty amazing but Mrs. Nardone had another reason in mind. She reminded us about all of the times she has tried to make a difference and express who she was through her performances. For example when she performed in the Super Bowl, she referenced the Black Panther, Malcolm X, MLK, and Michael Jackson in a way that brought black history to light. Then the photo revealing her pregnancy, where she was holding her stomach, in a veil, surrounded by flowers which created the “Madonna” or “mother” significance. Then a few months after her Super Bowl performance, she made the video Lemonade with all of the songs from her new album and a inspirational video behind them all representing different things she believes in like “The Gaze”, separation between men and females, the formation, the dangerous places and people in the world, the “happily ever after”, and so much more. Each song was done in a different place with a different representation in a way that caught everyone's attention and brought the real problems in the world to light. Before each song in the movie, Beyonce speaks about some inspirational things but when the song starts, you see many different pictures and settings that at first i didn't quite understand. I figured out that they were all to represent different parts of her life or black history like in New Orleans, walking down a ghetto street, clips of many different couples coming together, the bus, the garage and more. Lemonade was made to bring attention to things Beyonce felt was important and this is because there are some problems in the world that haven't gone away easily. Some of these problems reminds us of what it use to be like and Beyonce is trying to stop that by bringing these problems to face by bringing up people who have tried to make a difference before. Beyonce is an amazing woman and singer and she will continue to inspire us all.

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