Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Edna St. Vincent Millay

I found Mr. Searle’s talk about Edna St. Vincent Millay very interesting, particularly while talking about her time as a young adult writing poetry.  Some of the ways in which she grew up are far different than times these days.  Growing up without a father after her parent’s divorce was difficult for her and her family.  She practically never experienced real life with a father considering he never was any help to supporting their family.  I found this interesting because in those days, the men were typically the ones working in order to provide for their family.  Aside from that, she was openly bisexual throughout most of her life and had many partners on countless nights.  Both of these aspects of her life encouraged her to write poetry, pertaining to these events in her life.

I think the issue was both sad, but uplifting as well.  In her poems she discusses how she had relations with numerous different men and women, but most importantly she talked about how it brought her joy and happiness.   Although I found it sad that Edna St.Vincent Millay had numerous lovers, even while she was married, it seemed to bring her peace and happiness.  Her poems illuminate her idea of happiness in life, and although she may have not had the best life, she made the best of it with what made her happy.  The idea of having an open relationship with her husband is something I found interesting because that does not happen these days willingly, and was never something I depicted as being a happy thought.  However, she achieved her happiness through loving different people, and loving poetry as well.

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