Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Edna St Vincent Millay

After listening to Mr. Searles present about Edna St Vincent Millay my initial thought was this; how have I not heard about her before.  Millay was strong before her time, women were very rarely treated with the same amount of respect as men back in WWII.  Millay's message of being true to yourself really made me think about how this message could help others cope with what they are going through.  By persevering through hatred from those who believe what she was doing was wrong and to reach out to people through beautiful poetry, Millay was a strong women in her own kind.

Millay's message could be very useful at the academy.  At this school, sometime people are quick to judge one another by how they identify themselves.  I will not lie, I have guilty of this myself.  It happens to everyone every once it a while and sometime we just do not know why.  It can be from other people around us, it could be from the way you were brought, their are many reason a lot of us are almost programmed to instantly judge one another.  Millay's message reminds us that it is best to not judge someone at all by how they identify themselves sexually because it is what make that person, that person.  In Millay's poem City Trees, the personification of simple tree in the city can bring guidance to a situation in which you are being judged for how you identify yourself.  A tree will always be a tree, no matter what condition it is.  A tree will always make it's gentle sound, even against "against the screaching city air".

My final though build off of my initial thoughts, Millay is an american hero.  Children should be reading about her through and through in history book because here simple powerful message with the combination of her poetry, can bring guidance to many situations.  I would encourage others to seek refuge in her poetry in times of adversity and to spread her message.

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