Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Edna St. Vincent Millay is a poet who was considered bisexual from the start of High School, this was very unlike all the other woman in those days but it helped with her writing because it made her like no one else, She wrote about love and suicide and provocative things that wouldn't be considered conservative for that time period. She started writing more and more poems that shaped into her own life as well as her imagination and fantasy. Her poems became more and more popular and she was awarded a few different awards for her writing. Living in a very different time than now, all the standards of woman were different and people were not always open about their love life unlike her. She grew up in a very conservative time period but her writing was the complete opposite. She was a woman who wrote sonnets that consisted of her lovers, loneliness, the importance of love, and more. I enjoyed Mr. Searles’ lecture very much because he taught us about a woman behind the poems that we read. He told us her whole history and the reason behind and within her writing that i didn't grasp at first. He read through the poems with us and really emphasised on the parts that stuck out that made her different from everyone else in her generation. Edna was a woman who would remember the moments more than the names, who believes that love is important but recognises that it isn't everything, who makes friends with death because life is too lonely to be lived, that desire will not be quenched by food or water but from love, and that she doesn't care for what she's done, she wants a free world to be able to do these things and express herself.

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