Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Beyonce: Lemonade

After watching Beyoncé’s video “Lemonade” I was pretty confused how all of her songs tied together to form one video with one specific meaning.  However, after listening to Ms. Nardone talk about Beyoncés performance, I was able to understand how she tied all of these songs together.  Each song represents an emotion that Beyoncé is addressing through her language, tone of voice, and visuals.  As her songs at the beginning start out with a more violent connotation, it assembles into love towards the end.  
I really enjoyed Ms. Nardone’s talk about Beyoncé, particularly because Beyoncé is such a popular, nation wide known performer.  To me, it was very interesting to learn about her because this is the first person we have talked about in Women’s Studies that I have heard of, prior to having a discussion on her.  Beyoncé’s album is an array of songs displaying emotions she has felt in her life.  For example, in “All night” where she exemplifies redemption, she talks about love in all shapes and forms.  She talks about love between gay and lesbian couples, African American couples, white couples, and mixed racial couples.  This song was my favorite in the video because the message she was displaying is a big topic in many families.  Love is the most important thing in life and that is what she displays in this particular song.  Out of all of the other songs that we listened to in the video, this one really struck me as the most important with the most important message within it.  

I also really enjoyed Ms. Nardone’s presentation because she encompassed how art and political ideas are involved in Beyoncé’s album as well.  When Beyoncé says “call me Malcolm X” which is followed by a portion of his speech, she encompasses political ideas into her work.  I strongly believe that Beyoncé is a feminist because of the ways in which she exemplifies her beliefs as a woman.  Although she portrays her feminist side in a different way than other, through her songs and music videos, Beyoncé is a feminist because of her message for women empowerment throughout Lemonade.  

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