Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The End of Men?

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Ogden's discussion-based presentation because it was interesting to see the future in perspective. It seems ironic that a genetic plan to create desired males has backfired and instead produced more females. If that is not a direct indication of society's new view on women, I don't know what is.

While I was surprised at the statistics and details I read in the article, I was also impressed. Women in the present day are valued for their natural attributes: "social intelligence", "open communication", and "the ability to sit still and focus", to name a few. Males are typically characterized by strength and stamina. It only seems fitting that a woman would be more suited for jobs concerning personal connections and empathy--like nursing and education. Maybe women could have been the dominant gender all along if we even bothered to give them a fair chance.

Mr. Ogden pointed out that women never used to make more money than their husbands if they even worked at all. Now it is clear that women can support families more than their husbands and even completely on their own. One of the things I have been worried about as a business major is how I will be perceived in the workforce. Although there has never been a better chance for women to get jobs than now, sexism still exists and some men refuse to have women work for them. There is also the possibility that companies will seek to hire more home in the future to expand and diversify their viewpoints. That being said, I don't ask for any advantage as a woman in a male dominated field, just an equal opportunity.

Even though women have earned more diplomas and more jobs in the work force, I'm hardly convinced that females will become the dominant gender. We have come very far as a society but women still fall short in many people's eyes.

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