Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Women in Music

It doesn't surprise me that years ago women struggled to be noticed as composers and musicians. Learning about the first women to have composed music and women now in music was new to me. I don't find it hard to believe that women had to be rich upper class to even be noticed in music. It is unfortunate that the only way women could be noticed was only if they had men supporting them, even if they were unreal at composing. Mr. Huntington's presentation really helped us see a glimpse of the frustrating reality women face in music.
Mr. Huntington also pointed out that even artists today are sexualized in order to sell their music, which is true. I can't think of one women artist that isn't sexualized or singing about men in their music. It really surprised me that women who play in professional orchestras etc have to be more super attractive to even get a spot. I can say that men and women are equal in the talent they have for music, because I have been playing the flute for eight years along side both boys and girls and both genders played the same to me. I personally have never felt inequality and any of my orchestras or bands, but that might also be because I don't play professionally.
In the article we read about Tine Thing she was talking about how ambitious she was and how she always wanted to be a musician, what was sad to be was that she had to say after that she was ambitious that she wasn't crazy as if being ambitious was a bad thing. I think that happens a lot especially with women, and it's something that definitely holds back women in doing what they want.
Women in music should be equal. Just like everything else in life that women should be equal in. The music industry still sexualizes women in order to sell records and I hope this stops. Each artist should feel free to sing whatever they want. I know that few songs have been realized on women's rights and feminism but they still aren't enough to really get the message across. I still believe that all women and men should be equal in all aspects, including music.

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