Friday, April 15, 2016

Abortion and Feminism

Abortion is a moral issue, often surrounded by the question, "When does life begin?"  A question which most people answer a little differently than the last, thus the huge controversy and struggle around the topic.  The right to privacy and whether or not to procreate are big deals that go along with this topic.  But I feel that the argument of privacy while it may be a valid point, is not the heart of the issue, it is a point used by people who believe that life starts later to defend abortion to those who think that life starts earlier.  While I think privacy is applicable here, issues where it is the main concern are things like the NSA scandal.

While abortion is a moral issue on the ground level there is a feminist aspect to it because a women having the right to totally control her own body including the system that makes life possible is a source of power for women.  Most people that oppose abortion are of the belief that life starts at conception and thus abortion is totally immoral.  However, it is possible that there are people who oppose abortion simply because they do not believe women should have that level of power or control when it comes to reproducing and continuing the human species.  There are people in this country who believe a women's role in life is to procreate and raise her children to be good citizens, that's it.  If that is your belief than the idea of a woman deliberately aborting that idea, aborting what you believe to be her purpose is probably sickening.

I do not believe that a fetus is its own life yet, so I am pro choice.  But I also believe that it is important for a woman to have the power to make this choice.  One thing I take issue with is those opposers who are afraid of women just getting abortions willy nilly when they take away restrictions.  I do not know a single woman who has gotten an abortion who has made that decision lightly, women are fully aware of the potential for life growing inside them, and if they still deem the situation fit to abort the child then she probably has a valid point.  What also bugs me is that the people who are against abortion are making no effort to prevent it at the ground level.  Sexual education to prevent STD's and pregnancies is very important and will help keep women from having to make this really difficult decision because they will know how to keep conception from ever happening.  Abortion is a very difficult topic, but I think our country can do a better job at handling this issue then they are currently.

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