Thursday, March 3, 2016


I really enjoyed Mr. Quigley's presentation. It was very well organized and easy to follow.
Frances Kemble was a progressive woman for her time. In Mr. Quigley's presentation he highlighted her history and her impact she made during her time. In Clinton's article it was very clear that she was a more modern thinking woman for her time. Kemble refused to be labelled as a simple house wife and she didn't act like one either. In her writing she expresses sarcasm and writes about the issues in her life very well. What got me confused was how she didn't want to publish any of her work because of her husband.
 I personally do not believe she was a feminist for her time. Looking at the definition of feminist today she did not fall into that category. Kemble was dancing with the idea of being close to a feminist but she focused more on abolitionist movements than women's rights. I agree with Clinton's article about her making huge steps in changing things for slaves but I don't think that that is feminism. She was making everything equal for the slaves more than focusing on women's rights.
Overall I really did enjoy the presentation and thought it was very interesting. Talking about micro history was a new idea for me. I think it's a great idea to focus in on the small bits of history that we don't talk about in normal history classes. This subject was great and I really liked reading and hearing about Kemble.

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