Thursday, April 2, 2015

“Why would a woman throw herself down the stairs? Why would a woman spend a night in the snow? Why would a woman take a meat club to her own abdomen?” Mr. Doggett launched his presentation by asking our class a series of rhetorical questions that immediately captured my attention, and forced me to consider a time when abortion was highly illegal. He explained to us that when abortion was illegal these were some of the many alternative methods that woman used to end their pregnancy. I have always been pro-choice; and therefore, have never contemplated the trials and tribulations woman faced during a time in our history when they did not have a choice.

            I was also not aware that there was a time where in order to get an abortion one had to go in front of a hospital board and plead their case. In addition, in order to even plead their case, they had to be a victim of rape, have their pregnancy endanger them, or be giving birth to a child with deformities. Mr. Doggett also t

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