Thursday, April 30, 2015

"What's Up With Feminism?"

I must say Mr. Ogden has been my favorite presentation following Mrs. Kingsbury and Ms. Struck. Something that really stuck with me throughout Mr. Ogden's presentation was his prejudices when discussing courses such as women's studies. His first prejudice was that today's society focuses too much on the past and how awful things were which leads into his second prejudice; today's society is a complaint culture and overly pessimistic. Mr. Ogden was specifically interested in looking at the present and talking about the current state of feminism and women in today's world. He believes that we should celebrate how far we have come these past decades rather than focus on every single problem.
I have to agree with Mr. Ogden on some aspects, our generation does not give ourselves enough credit for the steps we have made towards the equality of the sexes. We, as a society, complain about things we don't like in the world but never step up and take action. The direction we are moving in is great, but we can't sit by and hope for things to change.
As for the introduction we read prior to the presentation, I can't completely support her hypothesis. "that women, for the first time in history, had in many ways surpassed them." She goes on with facts such as "In 2009, for the first time in American history, the balance of the workforce tipped toward women, who continue to occupy around half of the nation's jobs," and "Sigurdardottir had campaigned explicitly against the male elite she claimed had destroyed the nation's banking system, vowing to end the 'age of testosterone'."The author also mentions "the new breed of power women has landed as a shock," and says that the Japan's younger men act "cartoonishly feminine." These comments imply that the gender roles that society has place on us are flipping. If there are power women in this world, who run businesses, are single and known as "hunters", how do we know what a feminine act is? By blaming men and trying to end the age of testosterone, we would be taking multiple steps backwards and ruining the progress we have made. We should not be trying to eliminate one another in the work force or be concerned about who's spending their time gardening or organizing dessert parties.
The wage gap is still very much present today, as John Oliver says, "if someone takes a dump on my desk, the size of the dump isn't the issue, it's almost like you didn't take a dump on my desk at all." We also discussed how models and actresses work for less money, not because that's what they were offered but because they didn't ask for more money, but that should not be the case. I do believe that we still have many things, like the wage gap, to work on but those cannot be achieved if the wave of feminism is looked at like a negative thing. Women and men should and need to join together towards the equality of the sexes if we don't we will not be able to progress as a society.

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