Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Title IX

Before Ms. Block, Mrs. Stratton and OD's presentation on Title IX, I really had no clue as to what it was. I faintly remember hearing the name in reference with collegiate sports from OC in an American Studies class junior year. After the presentation I came to find that Title IX covers a wide range of topics to help women obtain our civil rights. Although it is well known for it's tremendous support with athletics, other areas the law covers are: access to higher education, career education, education for pregnant and parenting students, employment, learning environment, math and science, sexual harassment, standardized testing, and technology. 

Title IX is so important for young boys and girls to know about because it states that, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Knowing that years ago young girls and boys were taught different subjects in school, such as girls were taught how to sew and cook and boys took shop and learned how to be a hero is upsetting. Young girls grow up and think it's not okay to become a scientist or an architect because not many women are in that field or "it's not a girl thing." Title IX supports girls who want to go into those fields of study and not let them be discriminated against for their sex. Not only does it encourage young women, it protects them from sexual harassment in the work field.

Being a young women who is heading off to college and has played sports my entire life having this law put in place years ago was crucial. Although as we saw in the presentation there are many schools under investigation for violating this law and there is still discrimination against women in the world, we wouldn't be where we are today with women's rights if the godmother, Bernice Sandler had not begun this movement. 

According to, girls and women who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self esteem and lower levels of depression. Not only do you learn teamwork and goal-setting, "High school girls who play sports are less likely to be involved in an unwanted pregnancy; more likely to get better grades in school and more likely to graduate than girls who do not play sports." Title IX also helps women who become pregnant or already have children to continue their education and be offered equal opportunities in the work field. In a perfect world we wouldn't need laws like Title IX to be put in place for everyone to be equal but women still face discrimination and are denied their civil rights. Women like Bernice Sandler who takes a stand against these acts are what help us get one step closer to equality of the sexes all across the board whether it's sports, education, in the work force etc. 

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