Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reading the article I was a bit confused at first. I wondered why it was important for there to be men in the city, which is what I believe the point was in the first place: that women have become able to survive and support themselves without men because they can adopt both roles. Though this was the point she was trying to reach, I feel that along the way this was obscured by facts and statistics. This caused me to take some time to realize that the reporter was not scolding the advancement of women, but really just satirizing the response the world has to the advancement of women. What I found fascinating, though, was the way the feminist movement effected other countries not just the United States. In South Korea and other Asian countries, known for their strong mentality of women depending on men, women have begun to become more independent getting jobs and now more than ever, divorce rates in these countries has increased. To the rest of the world this seems like and outrage that women are now able to become independent and stand for themselves. This calls to question, why is it so important for women to constantly be the nurturers and the teachers? Why is it seen as a crime if a woman, another human being, excels in a certain criteria, pursues a career in it, and gains recognition? This article, I believe just embodies the current state of mentality towards women everywhere. Yes, to those who say feminism isn't needed and women are treated equally, there have been improvements in the treatment and outlook of professional women, but there is still a very long way to go.
        One of these struggles, hopefully soon to be overcome is the wage gap. Watching the video by John Oliver summed up the wage gap perfectly and in terms that everyone would understand. He used the analogy of taking a dump on someones desk. It can be agreed that said action is disgusting and regardless whether the dump taken is 3in or 8in, it is still a dump. The wage issue is one thats been debated constantly, but the issue still stands that women do not receive equal pay for equal work in 2015.
         As Mr. Ogden said though, which I believe is advice to be heeded, is that we spend too much time focused on the negativity of the past. I took that as we should be focused and acknowledge the potential positivity the future has to hold. I think the fluidity and changing roles of men and women are to be looked at as hopeful and optimistic. Sure there will be much adversity but we are making strides  for change. For example this past Monday, the first female attorney general was elected. Hopefully I can be a contributor to the equality of women everywhere.

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