Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One thing that is clear from the Title Nine presentation, notes and reading, is that this law has affected much more than just sports.  It allows for equality in education programs like clubs, activities, and teams of all kinds.  It assured women that they will be supported by the government in anything they wish to do.  It pressures institutions to act upon equality, rather than just talk about it.  

It surprised me that the leader of the movement to get this bill passed, Bernice Sandler, had no legal background whatsoever.  This shows that the bill was created out of personal experience that things needed to change, rather than a politician trying to get on the people's good graces.  The law initially wasn't even supposed to directly about sports, but that is the area that is affected the most.  However, it also covered sexual harassment and therefore is a milestone in fighting against everyday sexism.

Sports, especially collegiate sports, are a huge part of our culture.  From athletics, women and men are able to gain confidence and a hugh sense of worth, as well as the experience of working together on a team.  To equalize athletics between men and women, therefor, allows women much more than equal opportunity for scholarships.  It gives women an outlet to gain confidence and a personal sense of power alongside with men.  

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