Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Not Just For Athletes

After Monday's presentation and the readings, it is clear that Title IX has been very overlooked. I, along with other members of the class, only knew of it in regards to athletics and that is pretty upsetting. Title IX consists of so much more and is a huge step in the right direction of our civil rights. Although the reading was very technical, it gave a great understanding of how discrimination in the work force and in education are very much so connected, and I agree.
       It is kind of astonishing to see how just a little over 40 years ago, there was nothing put into place to protect women from being discriminated and receiving unfair removal of opportunities. Thanks to Bernice Sandler, the "god-mother of Title IX, this movement began.
       I agree with what Ms. Stratton said about how at many times, we don't step up for our rights and what is unjust, solely to avoid being described as whiny or dramatic. It took for one woman to step up and want to see this change in the Constitution and look how far it came and the supporters she gained. Because of this, Title IX gave me the impression of an overall aura of "girl power" and it felt good. It is important to educate others on Title IX because it is obvious that many girls have no idea what it is and may need the reassurance of the strength women have and their ability to be completely equal to men.
I love how Title IX covers a huge spectrum of issues. I especially like how schools are required to abide by the standards of Title IX. This is definitely important especially with all of the sexual harassment cases that come forth at universities and work places(It was crazy seeing how over 100 schools are currently being investigated). It is sad to see cases in the media in which the victims are not able to be satisfied with justice being served because schools tend to push many things under the rug. It is important for schools to be investigated and guarantee that they are following all the standards of Title IX.
       Although equality in athletics is important, it is also important to not lose sight of all of the other things Title IX helps protect and keep just. Personally, I think we all need to help spread the word because, as mentioned before, there are so many people who have no idea what this entitles. As the female athlete in the video said, I do wish Title IX was not needed but unfortunately we do. The society we live in, needs those standards in order to move forward with equality. As time moves forward, hopefully Title IX will begin to be explained to even younger students of both genders.

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