Friday, April 10, 2015

I thought it was so interesting to find out about Title IX in the sports arena because I had only previously learned of its impact on women in the educational system. My mother is a teacher, and many of my teachers have been female so that has always been my main exposure. I was particularly interested in the trailer for "Sporting Chance" that Ms. Block showed us because of the revolutionary women it featured in athletics. Athletics have never been a huge part of my life, so I never really considered how difficult it was for some women to pursue athletics without extreme backlash. It's especially crazy to me now because there are so many incredible female athletes I admire and that I know the greater population supports in their accomplishments.

Another thing that interested me (and later shocked me because it wasn't discussed) was the fact that Senator Bayh was a crucial part of the writing and implementation of Title IX. In our readings there was a quote from him,"the amendment is not designed to require specific quotas. The thrust of the amendment is to do away with every quota...The language of my amendment does not require reverse discrimination. It requires theat each individual be judged on merit, without regard to sex." Although I wholeheartedly support Bayh's statements, I was reminded of that first article Ms. Slater showed us about women in Congress. I do not doubt Bayh truly supported Title IX (seeing as he wrote it), however I do find it incredibly interesting that there was not much support for it until his statements about filling quotas. The only female representation openly discussed came from Bernice Sandler and Edith Green who just managed to start the discussion. They did great work, but I wonder why more women, perhaps women in Congress, did not openly come forth and support the bill (to my knowledge).

Ultimately, when I think about the effectiveness of Title IX, I think it catalyzed a great discussion about equal rights, but there is room for some improvement. For example, many cases brought forth recently regarding Title IX have to do with sexual harassment or assault. These two issues are things I believe should be targeted at the source--education for our youth. If people are outwardly taught about sexual harassment and assault and its inappropriateness/disrespectfulness then I believe they'd be less likely to be perpetrators of such horrible behavior. I don't think that Title IX does everything it was intended to do, but it definitely helps a ton and is a step in the right direction.

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