Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fairness All Across The Board

The topic of abortion will forever be a controversial issue. As crazy at it sounds, I have always heard of the Roe v. Wade case but have never received a full explanation on the case. I came to learn that it is in fact, a major case in changing the views of abortion because it set this ruling according to the trimesters within a pregnancy. Personally, I agree with this ruling. I am pro-choice, however, there are so many factors and situations that can possibly change my opinion. It was clear in  both Mr. Doggett's presentation and our class discussion, that it is NOT a black and white solution. I do believe in pro-choice...but to a certain extent. I agree with the ruling, abortions should NOT be completed once the fetus is known to be viable outside the womb. To me, it is just a matter of ethics. I can not imagine going through an abortion at the point where I know the fetus is viable. However, with other circumstances, it should most definitely be the woman's choice. How Devyn and Elise argued, no ones opinion should be valid but the woman's and the doctor's. I say the doctor because it should be done if and only if the woman's health won't be put at risk. I agree with the arguments Roe's people made, it is an invasion of privacy; this child is growing in the woman's body and only hers, it should be her choice.

It is unfortunate that till this day, this case is receiving backlash specifically from people who are pro-life. Again, I believe so many factors need to be taken into consideration. Everyone is different. With that being said, I also agree with the NY Times article. Gail Collins states that, "Abortion clinics around the country are reeling under crazy new rules that make it impossible for them to operate." I totally see how this is damaging the likelihood of women being able to get abortions and I see it as almost, a manipulating situation. States are getting rid of their abortion clinics, causing women to have to seek clinics out-of-state, without the financial situation to do so. This was the exact case for "Jane Roe". I do believe states need to be fair and provide the option rather than shut down all clinics.

When it comes to abortion, I will forever be indecisive because there are so many arguments, so many different situations and most importantly, I have not been in that position. To me, I feel as though my opinion changes according to the experience I face and this may be true for many of us. The country will never agree on the issue of abortion but I do believe that things must be fair, and the choice should be available all across the board.

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